Intellectual Property

Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li works with many companies on developing both proactive intellectual property protection strategies and offensive/defensive litigation tactics. In today’s global marketplace, maintaining your intellectual property portfolio, and protecting your company’s investments and innovation, is critical. Whether you are an international business with operation around the globe or an individual entrepreneur with a new invention or innovative idea, developing and managing your intellectual property is essential to your or your business’ long-term success.

Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li’s Intellectual Property practice is able to provide a wide range of legal services to assist companies and individuals with the protection of their intellectual property assets. We conduct trademark searches and analyze the search reports in order to determine the availability of marks, including designs, auditory marks and other nontraditional marks. We obtain federal and state registration of trademarks, service marks, as well as defend registration opposition and cancellation proceedings for our clients.

We are capable of representing clients who create, own and manage software, computer programs, Internet content, literary works, music, recordings, films, figurines, artwork, logos, designs, product packaging, and countless other intellectual property assets. Our copyright services provide strategies to help our clients manage their rights with respect to many current issues – such as the interplay between trademarks, copyrights and patents – to provide the most comprehensive intellectual property protection.

Licensing of intellectual property can serve as a significant source of revenue and a critical way to increase your intellectual property assets and product base. Whether you are a start-up company, an established business, or an international industry leader, licensing of your intellectual property can provide an important income stream and help to leverage the value of your technology and innovations.

In addition, our litigation team is prepared to handle your intellectual property litigation matters based on your business situation and objectives.  While we strive to help our clients avoid litigation, we are always ready and prepared to litigate when necessary.  If litigation is unavoidable, we work to ensure that our clients’ interests are properly represented and protected.