Hunter Taubman Fischer & LI’s Tax Group develops and implements creative yet pragmatic tax-sensitive strategies and solutions for complex mergers, acquisitions, sales, joint ventures, cross-border transactions, public-private partnerships, reorganizations and real estate transactions.

Internationally we advise clients on outbound investments into non-U.S. countries and inbound investments into the United States.

Outbound planning involves the minimization of local country taxation, the deferral of income earned outside of the United States, foreign tax credit planning, and the efficient repatriation of profits to the United States.

Inbound structuring involves the reduction or elimination of U.S. income taxes on U.S.-source passive income (including gain from the sale of U.S. real estate) and on income connected with a U.S. trade or business, and minimizing the risk of a non-U.S. taxpayer from being engaged in a U.S. trade or business.

Our tax lawyers are able to represent anyone that has accumulated, or is about to receive, significant wealth (e.g., inheritance, investment or business success) and to assist with solving problems or avoiding tax issues that may arise.

Additionally, our tax lawyers provide practical, client-focused advice on various tax matters, including:

Pre-Transaction Planning;

Pre-Immigration Planning;

Business Entity Selection;

Wealth Transfer;

Trust planning;

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program;

Streamlined Foreign and Domestic Offshore Procedures;

Tax Planning for Expatriation from the United States.