Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li provides in-depth experience in business immigration, from basic “Green Card” petitions to more innovative and complex National Interest Waivers, Extraordinary Ability petitions, and EB-5 Regional Center petitions.

Today’s immigration laws, policies, and regulations require complex, strategic approaches that are unique to each client. At Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li, our clients demand our undivided attention and creativity. We draw upon our depth of experience and strategic approach to find unique solutions to the most complex immigration matters. We provide a unique blend of assertiveness and proven ability to manage and bring to fruition the most intricate and challenging immigration matters. Our attorneys are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. This language facility is crucial to our tailored approach to client matters, as it makes us sensitive to cultural issues that may affect business outcomes. We bring to each case cultural sensibility and strong case management skills to manage client expectations, build client relationships, and develop a personalized approach to client representation. Our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart to other firms.

Temporary Visas for Entrepreneurs and Innovative Paths to Permanent Residence

Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li is highly esteemed for its work with entrepreneurs. We have extensive experience working with clients on nonimmigrant visa solutions, including E, H and L visas; and crafting long-term solutions for permanent residence through EB-1 Multinational Manager/Executive Petitions, and more innovative strategies, including EB-1 Petitions for Extraordinary Ability in Business, EB-2 Petitions requesting National Interest Waivers, and EB-5 classification through qualifying investments. Clients include entrepreneurs in a broad array of industries, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Oil and Gas
  • Automotive Industry
  • Franchise Owners
  • Small Individual Retail Shop Owners
  • Chefs and Restaurateurs

Multinational Companies

As a leading corporate firm, servicing multinational companies is a core practice area. Our clients include global companies, small and large, many of which operate in the financial sector, and Fortune 100 companies. At Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li, we advise clients in all aspects of employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. Our representation includes ascertaining the employment eligibility of foreign nationals, working with corporate clients on all aspects of employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, advising clients on I-9 compliance, and assisting clients to document their I-9 files. Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li works with employers, providing advice on employment verification, hiring and termination, as well as consequences of corporate restructuring. We advise on new laws, procedures, and practices involving employment verification programs such as the E-verify program, I-9 compliance issues, and general business immigration matters of interest to HR personnel. We bring extensive experience with PERM (Labor Certification) Applications and a wide variety of nonimmigrant petitions, including petitions for H-1B Professionals, E-2 Treaty Investors, L-1A Executives and Managers, Canadians and Mexicans entering under the North American Free Trade Agreement (TN visas), and Individuals with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, business, athletics, movies, or television (O). Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li specializes in handling newly-emerging issues in this practice area, such as innovative strategies to help companies retain their valued employees in backlogged visa categories; complex strategies in the rapidly changing world of PERM applications; annual limitations on specific visa categories such as the H-1B; as well as compliance issues for companies using temporary workers.

Self-Petitioning Clients

Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li also represents internationally recognized individuals pursuing lawful permanent residence in the United States through their self-petitions, as Individuals of Extraordinary Ability (EB-1) and individuals who will serve the National Interest of the United States (NIW EB-2s). We have extensive experience representing leading experts in their respective industries.

Self-Petitioners in Business

We pride ourselves for thinking outside the box. Example of successful strategies for self-petitioners in Business include:

  • National Interest Waivers for numerous professionals in the financial industry
  • National Interest Waivers for experts in unconventional oil and alternative energy resources
  • National Interest Waivers for international lawyers
  • National Interest Waivers for entrepreneurs
  • National Interest Waivers for economists
  • National Interest Waivers for experts in cross-border financing
  • National Interest Waivers for experts in logistics
  • Extraordinary Ability Petitions for entrepreneurs
  • Extraordinary Ability Petitions for numerous professionals in the financial industry
  • Extraordinary Ability Petitions for IT professionals

These strategies proved to be very successful during a time when the acceptance of TARP funds prohibited financial institutions from filing employment-based petitions. They continue to be successful today, as these strategies provide professionals the freedom to be their own petitioners, irrespective of sponsorship from their employers.

Self-Petitioning Educators, Entertainers, Athletes & Artists

In addition to sponsor-based applications under the O, P and Q visa categories, Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li provides permanent residence solutions to athletes, artists, educators, actors, and other entertainment industry specialists, under the first preference category through extraordinary ability and achievement, and under the second preference category through national interest waivers.

Notable clients have included:

  • Prominent artists in visual arts, and cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality
  • Specialists in developing large-scale educational programs
  • Experts in mosaics
  • Notable investigative journalists
  • Distinguished models and celebrities

EB-5 Investors and Entrepreneurs.

At Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li, we bring a unique perspective to EB-5 investments. Our expertise is informed by:

  • The creation and management of regional centers,
  • The representation of foreign investors in a multitude of regional centers throughout the United States, and
  • The representation of foreign investors in the creation and operation of their own business enterprises, which qualify as EB-5 investments.

Our experience includes the successful approval of BirchLEAF Miami 31, LLC, one of the first truly successful regional centers in South Florida, which financed $20 Million in the construction of the University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park through the EB-5 Program. It also includes our success in attaining Regional Center designation for Leaf Fischer Investment Group, LLC, one of the few regional centers among USCIS’s 18% approval rate in 2012.